Customer Story Polished and Professional on a Budget

OFR is best at the “Blend”, which is a combination of used and refurbished furniture and parts to create the perfect mix of style, function and price. This installation is an example of our strength in blending. Our used Steelcase cubicles with whiteboard tiles, storage towers and warm finishes coordinate with the customers new flooring and paint.  Completing the space is our used high-end break room furniture and a complete matching used training room. The entire project came in at 50% less than the cost of the same quality furniture when new.

Additional Details

Medium size business
20 staff
Space Planning & Design, Furniture, Delivery & Installation
50% less than the cost of same quality when new
70% of this project furniture is repurposed. Buying used cubicles and chairs saves resources & energy, and reduces landfill.
OFR Sales Rep
Stephanie Durbin (414) 349-3075