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Customer Story Lakeshore Recycling

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is one of OFR’s premier partners when it comes to recycling furniture that cannot be resold or repaired. The client wanted a sustainable product for their office expansion, and OFR was able to deliver a quick and easy solution featuring our QuickAnswer Standard Series.

Additional Details

Lakeshore Recycling Systems
Morton Grove, IL
29 New Cubicles
Space Planning and Design, Safer Spaces Products, Delivery, and Installation
Buying refurbished cubicles saved resources, energy and reduced landfill.



Lakeshore Recycling Systems wanted to add more seating to their current space to accommodate new employees.  They also asked for suggestions on how to implement more effective social distancing practices.


OFR met with Lakeshore Recycling, measured the space and provided a 2D layout of 29 new cubicles. We were able to fully customize their space with our QuickAnswer Standard Series.  They selected a 48″x66″ cubicle footprint with coalition ice fabric, solar black trim, and a premium laminate for the desks.  We added framed, clear glass dividers from Partsco to the top of each cubicle to comply with social distancing guidelines.  The end result is sustainable, recyclable, and aligns with Lakeshore Recycling Systems company goals.