Office Furniture Resources is a full-service office furniture dealership offering a full range of New, Used and Refurbished office furniture products.

Services Include: 

  • Space Planning & Design
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Furniture Refurbishing
  • Furniture Rental
  • Asset Management
  • Storage
  • Moving & Relocation Services
  • E-waste
  • ReThink and ReThink99 Landfill Diversion (furniture removal services)
  • Commercial Space Decommission
  • Project Management
  • National capabilities
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Where Does My Office Furniture Go?

After a detailed, in-person review of your used office furniture, we’ll work with our national network of partners to donate, recycle, or resell every piece that’s in working condition.

We leverage our wide range of resources and relationships to keep used furniture out of the landfill. Instead, we achieve up to 99% landfill diversion through:

  • Resale via our wholesale network

  • Resale in OFR store locations

  • Philanthropic partnerships and donations

  • Material recyclers and refurbishment

  • Waste-to-energy processing

Furniture Removal

 Our furniture removal services divert unwanted office furniture from landfills.

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