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Office Furniture Space Planning & Design

A well-designed workplace is a happy workplace.

A good office furniture space plan, fully utilizing the available space and creating work zones where staff can be productive and comfortable, is critical to a successful move, renovation, new build or office furniture update.

Space Planning & Services For Every Workplace Stage

  • Test fit a space before you decide on a lease, will all the staff fit?
  • Plan for growth, how many more staff can we accommodate?
  • Add spots for new hires.
  • Rearrange existing cubicles for better collaboration, privacy or a combination.
  • Plan and visualize a variety of cubicle layout options for a move to a new space.
  • Select desks that are certain to fit private offices.
  • Explore alternative layouts, traffic paths, and other concepts with multiple layout versions.
  • Plan and visualize office furniture layouts and new ideas for a renovation or refresh.
  • Analyze if a space could be reconfigured to work better vs moving.
  • Budget and plan for a new build. Planning the office furniture layout early in the process ensures the building supports the furniture and the furniture fits the building. And that both fit the company needs.

Benefits of Professional Space Planning & Design

  • Best of use of space to accommodate current staff and incorporate future growth.
  • Give purpose and meaning to spaces that previously were generic in nature.
  • Confirm that aisleways meet code, that furniture will not obstruct windows, lights or switches.
  • Create comfortable flor of traffic that reduces disruption to nearby staff.
  • Dedicate the amount of physical space that balances the needs of staff with company occupancy goals.
  • Respect and adjusta for different work methods, collaboration styles and team structures.
  • Design areas to meet specific needs--training and meeting rooms, mothers rooms, collaboration area, quiet rooms, break rooms and cafes.
  • Respect and support the whole person with mothers rooms, prayer rooms, wellness spaces, and ergonomics.
  • Support diverse body types, focus preferences and movement needs.
  • Create workspaces that are accessible for staff and visitors.
  • Ensure a smoother installation with a detailed installation drawing.
  • A furniture floor plan is needed for electrical and data cabling quoting, planning and installation.
  • Develop a relationship with your planner; they will know your space and culture and be ready to jump back in for a reconfiguration, addition or move when needs change.
  • Furnish rooms and spaces that staff enjoy being in.

OFR's Sales Representatives and design support team are experienced in a wide range of cubicle systems (OFR is not a "one line" dealer--we know them all!). Knowing the details, features and potential short comings of a panel system is critical when designing cubicle layouts. A designer can "draw" anything they can imagine, but can it be built with the cubicles you plan to buy? That's our specialty; designing  and specifying a cubicle purchase that fits the space, meets your staff needs, and is built correctly.

OFR's Space Planning & Design team is experienced in:

  • Cubicle systems
  • Desking systems
  • Power and data connections
  • Storage capacity
  • Ergonomics
  • Acoustics and distraction
  • Work styles
  • Organizational functions
  • Reading plans
  • Furniture planning software
  • Architectural software
  • Building codes and best practices
  • Communicating with architects, designers and stakeholders

Office Furniture Resource's sales representatives are trained in office furniture space planning and use computer software including AutoCAD and Giza to visualize your plan.

OFR has invested in software to bring cubicles and desks to life in 3-dimensional renderings so visualizing your future office is fun and easy. Our showrooms have Design Centers exploding with colorful choices in cubicle finishes, chair fabrics, custom laminates and workstation styles.

Each location has team members who are skilled at every step of the office space planning and design process and are supported by a dedicated OFR Space Planning Designer.

Our services and capabilities include:

  • AutoCAD floor plans
  • Giza 3-dimensional renderings available
  • Full design library of custom fabric, laminate, and paint finishes
  • 2 Hours of Free Space Planning. (Credited to purchase, additional charged per hour).
  • On site, in store and virtual meetings available.
  • No space too small, individual office layout help available.
  • No project too large, our team is experienced with whole building projects.

Best of all, we come to you!

We start our planning process with a site visit at your location, getting to know you and the company's needs face-to-face. And of course, exploring your space for all it's exciting potential.

Start with a call or email the form below; one of OFR's Sales Representatives will connect with you to schedule a space planning site visit.

Office Furniture Planning Guides from OFR's Workspace Experts

Download our helpful check lists and furniture guides to prepare for your Space Planning site visit or store meeting.

Meet OFR's Office Furniture Space Planners

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