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Image of cubicle walls and partitions.

Do I need Partitions in my office?

Whether you need partitions (cubicles, cubicle panels, tall panel walls) in your office depends on various factors such as the layout of your office space, the nature of work being...
Image of a person holding a fabric swatch

Do I Need Space Planning Help?

Office Furniture Space Planning and Design are crucial elements in creating efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing work environments. The office furniture Space Planner's job is to create a furniture layout...
Image of an office with greenery added

Greening the Office: The Undeniable Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

In today's fast-paced and often stressful work environments, creating a space that encourages productivity, creativity, and well-being is paramount. While sleek furniture and cutting-edge technology are commonly seen as essentials...

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