Customer Story: Connect Search

Connect Search, LLC needed to expand their current office space to accommodate new employees, and OFR was able to deliver a quick and easy solution featuring our QuickAnswer Standard Series

  • Name: Connect Search
  • Location: Madison, Wisconsin
  • Scope: 18 Telemarketing Stations
  • Services: Space Planning and Design, Delivery, and Installation
  • Sustainability: Buying refurbished cubicles saved resources, energy and reduced landfill.
office cubes


Connect Search needed to add more seating and desking to their current space for new employees.  They wanted to utilize their office space in a more efficient way, and provide more privacy for each employee. 


OFR met with Connect Search, measured the space and provided a 2D and 3D layout of 18 new cubicles. They were able to fully customize their space with our QuickAnswer Standard Series.  They selected panel fabric, laminate, and paint for storage that best fit their culture.  Since QuickAnswer includes all refurbished parts, Connect Search can easily add on matching cubicles in the future.