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Top Five: Ways to stay safe and healthy in your cubicle.

  1. Clear off your desktop! It is essential to remove any unnecessary knick-knacks in the office so cleaning crews can clean your space more efficiently and quickly.
  2. Have your own cleaning supplies! It is essential to try to maintain a healthy and clean environment in today’s world.
  3. Add a Pencil Drawer or keyboard try to clear off your desktop! It helps to make it more efficient for cleaning crews to clean off surfaces.
  4. Add a sanitation caddy! Hold all the cleaning supplies you need in one, easy-to-reach caddy so you can disinfect and clean your workstation throughout the day, as you see fit.
  5. Take home your personalization! Although it might be difficult to remove your family pictures, your favorite memes, or concert tickets from a great night, it is recommended to take these mementos home, as these can be damaged/ruined with constant cleaning.

Written By: Anthony Alecseenko, OFR Space Planner