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Since 1991, OFR has been the Midwest’s largest office furniture liquidator, and continues to expand our capabilities nationwide. From moves and donation plans to employee sales, our decommission team has a full suite of services to take an overwhelming project from budgeting to completion with less work for your team, and documented landfill diversion results to impress your stakeholders. We have more resources for repurposing excess office furniture than anyone else, and a crew with the specialized furniture experience needed for a fast, efficient and painless building exit.

  • Furniture Asset Evaluation and Management
  • Furniture Removal (Decommission & Liquidation)
  • ReThink and Rethink99 Landfill Diversion decommissions with documented diversion results
  • Donation/Charity partnerships and management
  • Union and Non Union labor
  • Reconfiguration/Restack for new tenants
  • Buy Back/Revenue Sharing
  • Broom sweep and White Box services
  • Turnkey Office Space Furnishing
  • Office Furniture Rental

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ReThink99 Landfill Diversion Service


For the most responsible furniture removal, Office Furniture Resources offers our ReThink99 Landfill Diversion Service.

This signature level of re-purposing adds Waste to Energy processing to bring the Landfill Diversion Rate to 99%.

Both levels of service include documentation of  the Diversion process.

Furniture Removal

 Our furniture removal services divert unwanted office furniture from landfills.

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