Work From Home Furniture Options During COVID-19

More employees are working from home now more than ever as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends limiting contact to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Both individuals and businesses need solutions to maintaining productivity regardless of location.  

Where can you find quality AND affordable furniture?

For individuals and for corporate staff, OFR offers both new and used desks, chairs, and other furniture to make working from home comfortable and productive. Many businesses, to meet physical distance guidelines, will have half or more of their staff working from home for the foreseeable future.

Our no-contact chair pick-up is perfect for the individual buyer. OFR staff will sanitize and set out the product for pick up at an agreed-upon time at all locations.

For larger businesses that need to offer an affordable, standardized furniture selection to all their Work From Home staff, OFR can provide new and used desks, standing desks, chairs, and more delivered safely to the user (curbside or drop ship).


OFR has office furniture perfect for making working from home just as productive as the office.

What can you do?

Contact an OFR representative today to learn what affordable products are available that can get your staff back to productivity.


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