Safer Spaces Decommissioning and Furniture Handling During COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends establishing policies and practices for social distancing within your workplace. Incorporating physical distancing in your workplace may require moving or removing furniture.  

What do you do with the furniture?

Unless you have a large warehouse, the idea of moving or removing furniture from your office adds one more headache to bringing your employees back to work safely. Removing lounge, collaboration, and other shared furniture will discourage congregating and make maintaining social distance more natural.

Stacking the furniture in a corner doesn’t provide any confidence in your employees nor does it present thoughtfulness to your prospects and clients.

OFR warehouses are clean, secure, and affordable to house your furniture during social distancing efforts.

What can you do?

Whether it’s temporary or permanent, OFR can remove, inventory, and store your furniture in a clean and secure warehouse. OFR’s own crew can safely remove conference rooms, reception areas, lounge furniture and other large furniture to help your business comply with social distancing policies.

OFR can also responsibly remove and recycle unwanted furniture through our ReThink and Rethink99 Decommission Services.


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