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What happens when you leave a commercial office space? When office furniture, especially outdated cubicles, loses its value but still has useful life, OFR has more ways to distribute that furniture than anyone else in the industry. Those channels include our:

  • Vast Wholesale network
  • Established Charity Partnerships
  • Own Retail Stores and Outside Sales force

Where does unwanted office furniture go? Without careful planning and the right partner, unwanted office furniture can end up in the landfill. Our methods for reducing landfill for a Standard Furniture Removal Service include:

  • Refurbishment & Resale
  • Donation
  • Material Recycling

Do you have Sustainability Goals? For the highest green standard in furniture removal, Office Furniture Resources offers our signature Rethink 99% Landfill Diversion Service. Download our OFR Rethink 99% Landfill Diversion Service Flyer.

Our Rethink service begins with a detailed evaluation, then utilizes our established partners and resources to do finer and finer levels of Recycling, Reuse and Re-purposing of the mixed materials of systems furniture (cubicles), files, desks, and chairs. Lastly, we provide documentation so stakeholders know the project results. Our methods for reaching a Rethink 99% Landfill Diversion Rate include:

  • Expert analysis of the furniture materials
  • Employee Sales
  • Charity Management
  • Material Recycling 
  • Waste-to-Energy processing

How do we do it? The key to our success for both levels of decommission service is careful planning. Our competitive advantage is decades of furniture removal experience. Our crews know how to efficiently knock it down, move it out and pack tractor trailers to capacity with lightening speed because that is all we do. We focus on furniture, we know furniture, we know how to identify valuable items, how to market it for resale, and how to transport it cost-effectively. That depth of knowledge informs every furniture removal plan we execute. On the job site, our experienced Project Managers are in control and hands-on at all times. We pride ourselves on establishing a daily schedule for each decommission job and sticking to it — Office Furniture Resources has never missed a deadline. Contact us today to get started!