Furniture Life Cycle

Where does unwanted office furniture go? Without careful planning and the right partner, unwanted office furniture often goes into the landfill. Office Furniture Resources has been diverting unwanted office furniture from that fate since 1991. When businesses move or renovate, hundreds of pieces of unwanted workplace furniture can be left behind for disposal.

“Unwanted” does not mean unusable. High quality cubicles, chairs, desks in massive quantities can have a second life for end users who appreciate value. Bulk quantities of cubicle components can be refurbished to like new condition. Many items can be recycled for their material or donated for further use.

How does OFR’s ReThink Landfill Diversion work? Office Furniture Resources inspects the space and furniture, evaluates the best re-purposing methods and then executes our ReThink Diversion Plan. Methods for reducing landfill in our ReThink and ReThink99 Furniture Removal Services include:

  • Refurbishment in our Des Plaines, Illinois facility
  • Resale to our network of other refurbishers across the country
  • Resale to end users through our 3 store locations in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison
  • Donation to Charities and Non Profit organizations through our pre-qualified network
  • Material Recycling (metal)
  • Waste to Energy processing (wood and other materials)

For the most responsible furniture removal, Office Furniture Resources offers our ReThink99 Landfill Diversion Service. This signature level of re-purposing adds Waste to Energy processing to bring the Landfill Diversion Rate to 99%. Both levels of service include documentation of  the Diversion process. Download our Rethink99 Landfill Diversion Service brochure here.