Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Office


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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Office

1.The desk! Stop sitting at your dining table, and make a dedicated space for better focus and ergonomics. Consider purchasing a height adjustable desk, which would allow for better blood flow and reduce fatigue when working 8+ hours a day.

2. Stop sitting on your dining chair. Most residential chairs are not designed to withstand the 8-hour workday, dining style chairs don’t have arm support, and wood framed chairs are creaky and squeaky! For relief from back pain and arm strain upgrade that chair to a proper commercial grade task chair; your spine (and wallet from chiropractor visits) will thank you.

3. Personalize! Even if you are working from home, it is nice to have a few décor items to enliven your work space. A block calendar, a lamp, or a cute pen holder add that personal touch. Working from home can be stressful, but being able to glance over at your favorite plant or anime character during a long  Zoom call can brighten your work day.

A comfortable, ergonomic home office is more important than ever during COVID times, so make it work for you! Visit one of our showrooms to upgrade your work from home set up at a budget price, with help from the office furniture experts at OFR.

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