Safer Office Space Products and Planning Post COVID-19

Your employees will be returning to the office soon. You need to prepare their workspace with their safety and comfort in mind before they return. Their trust in your efforts to create a safe environment will be key to ensuring their productivity. We have created a Safer Spaces Solutions Guide to help navigate the future of office furniture.

How can you protect your employees?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends establishing policies and practices for social distancing within your workplace. Incorporating Social / Physical Distancing in the workplace will require careful thought and planning as well as products designed for the task.

Installing barriers, screens, and panel extenders can create division between cubicles or open workspaces. Adding barriers in high traffic areas, such as reception and transaction counters, can also help prevent COVID-19 transmissions.

Where should you start?

Contact an OFR representative today to help plan the return to a productive office space. OFR has been providing office space planning since 1991 and is ideally prepared to help you find the right approach to protecting your staff while also staying in a budget.

Our space planners and available office furniture products will provide the right set of tools you can use to bring your employees back to the office safely and ensure their productivity. 


Reach out to learn how to make returning to the office safer!

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