Freestanding Barriers

  • Enwork 48″W Cardboard Desktop Screens

    • 48″W Cardboard Desktop barrier from Enwork
    • Cardboard is a highly effective surface when fighting COVID-19 as the virus decays in 24 hours.
    • Constructed of a heavy-duty, multi-ply, double-wall corrugated cardboard with structurally enhance skin material. Ships flat and easily assembled.
    • Quick install. Folds into place. 
    • Double-stick tape needed to secure screen to surface. Available to purchase by the roll.
    • Includes a 1.5 x 3” perforated knockout that user may remove for cords and/or monitor arms.
    • Thickness of Harbor Screens is 1/4”.
    • Recyclable after use.
    • Harbor Cardboard Screen, 22”D x 48”W x 24”H, Brown or White
    • Available in 60″W and 72″ W also.  Please call for pricing.
    • Delivery not included 
    • Review the OFR Safer Spaces Solutions Guide for more information.
  • Freestanding Desktop Dividers

    • Freestanding Acrylic Screens/Dividers/Barriers for Desktop 
    • Perfect for Transaction Counters.
    • Options include with or without the teller cut out.  
    • Typical sizes are 30″x30″ or 36″x36″
    • Available in clear acrylic from Obex or National Gen2 
    • Available in cardboard from Enwork Harbor Screens
    • Easy to clean and sanitize.
    • Please call for pricing and product lead time.
    • Review the OFR Safer Spaces Solutions Guide for more information.